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During the vidai ceremony the bride is accompanied by her parents and associates, which lead her outside the doorstep of the house. Before crossing the doorstep, she throws back three handfuls of rice and coins over her head, into the house. This symbolizes that the bride is repaying her parents for all that they have given her so far.

The father of the bride takes her to the car or the Doli and hands her to the groom. After this he requests him to care of her and to forgive her for any mistake, guiding her constantly through their marital journey

Indian weddings are huge colourful affairs full of song, dance, laughter and spirituality, however there is also the realisation for the bride and her family that she will be leaving her home forever to make a new life in her husbands house. These emotions erupt at the end of the wedding ceremony when the bride is bid farewell by her family and friends.